Lee Hudson and Jake Steers: Geezers Need Excitement 
Lee Hudson’s brand of personal storytelling and self deprecation has seen his reputation grow across the UK comedy circuit and beyond. He has performed across the world and opened for renowned acts such as Tom Stade and Dan Soder. He is also part of the Ian Edwards Soccer Comic Rant podcast on Bill Burr’s All Things Comedy network.

“Truly, unbelievably great written jokes” - Tony Hinchcliffe

Jake Steers is a resident MC at the Stand-Up Club in the heart of London. One of the most likeable acts both on and off stage, his conversational style makes audiences feel at ease and always full of laughs. One to watch for the future as he rises up the comedy ranks…

“Steers brings a personal angle to his stand-up, such as when discussing his own health issues, and displays a comfortable confidence, even going so far as to tell anecdotes about his less successful gigs.

Overall his approachability and natural delivery gives the ‘mates in the pub’ feel to his stand-up which many comedians work hard to achieve”

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