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The Room Above is expanding! We’re starting a monthly comedy night in partnership with the legendary Golden Goose Theatre in Camberwell. Think we get good acts in Bristol? Just see the level we can book when utilising London!

Joe Sutherland: Miss World (WIP)
Joe ‘could have been a dancer’ Sutherland returns to say a bunch of naughty things in a new work-in-progress show to prepare for an international tour.
Thursday 23rd May | 7:30pm
Tickets £8/6
Big Kick Energy: LIVE
Maisie Adam and Suzi Ruffell are taking their award-winning podcast 'Big Kick Energy' on the road for their first ever live shows.
Friday 24th May | 7:30pm @ Bristol Folk House
Tickets £20
Erika Ehler: Work in Progress
Join Erika Ehler work out material for her new show. Erika’s razor-sharp, dark and visceral writing paired with precise delivery makes her one of the most exciting young comedians on the circuit.
Thursday 30th May | 7:30pm
Tickets £6/7
Abi Clarke Role Model (Work in Progress)
Edinburgh Preview from Abi Clarke, 2022 saw Abi selected for the prestigious Comedy Reserve showcase at the Edinburgh Fringe, this is a preview for her debut hour
Saturday 1st June | 6pm
Tickets £6/8
Baddest. Cowboy. Texas. These are just a few words to describe the Baddest Cowboy in Texas. Join Bangtail as he roots ‘n toots from the mightiest mountains to the sauciest saloons.
Thursday 6th June | 6pm
Tickets £8/10
Amy Matthews: Commute with the Foxes
Matthews brings a work in progress version of her latest show to Bristol. 
Friday 7th June | 6pm
Tickets £7
Josh Glanc: Family man (Preview)
Hi it's me, Aussie oddball Josh Glanc. I'm fresh off the plane from Australia and sold out runs at the Soho Theatre, Edinburgh Fringe, Just For Laughs London, and the Melbourne International Comedy Festival
Saturday 8th June | 6pm @ BASEMENT 45
Tickets £8
Kuan-wen Huang: Ilha Formosa
Taiwanese comedian Kuan-wen brings his debut hour - nominated for Best Show at Leicester Comedy Festival - to Bristol
Tuesday 11th June | 7:30pm
Tickets £10
Luke Rollason Luke Rollason Let Down Your Hair
Fringe favourite and Disney Prince heartthrob of Extraordinary (Disney+) descends from his ivory (fairtrade) tower to glisten your eyes with this monument to creativity and fantasy.
Thursday 13th June | 7:30pm @ Basement 45
Tickets £8
Sarah Roberts: Silkworm WIP
The debut offering from Breakthrough Comedian of the Year, Dan Jones, in which he attempts to prove that love exists. One completely unique hour of stand up. One completely stable comedian
Friday 14th June | 6pm
Tickets £6/8
Laura Davis: Work in Progress
New material from nominee for Most Outstanding Show at MICF 2022 and 2023 and internationally acclaimed cult comedy favourite Laura Davis.
Friday 14th June | 6pm @ Basement 45
Tickets £8
Tez Ilyas: Work in Progress
A new work in progress from Tez Ilyas.
Saturday 15th June | 6pm @ BASEMENT 45
Tickets £6/8
Ollie Horn: Comedy for Toxic People
British Comedy Guide Recommended 2023 Ollie Horn's brand new an unmissable hour of highly-interactive, energetic and laugh out loud stand-up comedy
Sunday 16th June | 7:30pm
Tickets £10
Mark Bittlestone: I Need A Straight Guy*
join IG/TikTok star Mark (BBC New Comedy Awards shortlist, 20M views) for his hotly anticipated debut hour of standup.
Wednesday 19th June | 7:30pm
Tickets £8/6
Milo Edwards: How Revolting! Sorry to Offend (WIP)
Award-winning British comedian Milo Edwards is coming back to Bristol to try an hour of new jokes ahead of this year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival.
Friday 21st June | 6pm @ BASEMENT 45
Tickets £8/6
Sara Barron: Anything For You (work-in-progress)
Edinburgh Award nominee, Sara Barron (Would I Lie to You?; Live at the Apollo) has a new show that’s fierce, savage and other adjectives from RuPaul’s Drag Race.
Saturday 22nd June | 6pm @ BASEMENT 45
Tickets £6/8
Christy Coysh: Live!
TikTok prodigy (327k followers and 4.9m likes) and Wakefield's Rear of the Year 2024 (application pending) is bringing his songs to the stage.
Sunday 23rd June | 3pm @ Basement 45
Tickets £8
Ted Hill: 110 Percent Normal
Come along to watch this weirdo work out whether he wants to be a normal comedian or keep being a weird little PowerPoint boy.
Thursday 27th June | 7pm
Tickets £5/6
Runi Talwar: Edinburgh Preview
Having recently moved from Sydney to London, Runi is an incredibly exciting up and coming stand-up comedian and writer with a unique brand of canny irreverent comedy.
Thursday 27th June | 9pm
Tickets £6/8
Bristol Comedy Room ft. Tom Ward, Ed Preview
The Bristol Comedy Room is a weekly event featuring the best comedic talent across the whole UK Comedy Circuit. Featuring an Edinburgh Preview from Tom Ward.
Wednesday 3rd July | 7:30pm @ BASEMENT 45
Tickets £6/9
Amy Webber: Edinburgh Preview
Armed with her mini keyboard and an opera degree that's never been useful, Amy is job hunting. You may pity her, you may love her, but you will definitely want to employ her
Thursday 4th July | 7:30pm
Tickets £6/8
Elliot Steel: Edinburgh Preview
Marked as one to watch by The Independent, Elliot is a rising talent on the UK’s comedy circuit. Receiving critical acclaim at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with his show Merked in 2019, you won’t want to miss his brand-new work in progress show.
Saturday 6th July | 6pm
Tickets £6/8
The Bakery is Closed Again
A new production from Rebels Young Theatre Company in partnership with The Barbican Theatre
Sunday 7th July | 7:30pm
Tickets £6/10/14
Dani Johns: Cringe
Cringe is an interactive, explorative show about laughing off your mistakes and owning your cringe-worthy past (or present, we won’t judge).
Tuesday 9th July | 7:30pm
Tickets £6/8
Comedy Double Bill: Ed Night & Paddy Young
Join Ed Night & Paddy Young for an hour of brand new material!
Friday 12th July | 7pm @ Bristol Folk House
Tickets £10
Eric Rushton: Real One, Preview
Channel 4 Sean Lock Award Winner Eric Rushton is a comedian with a chequered past. He's been fired, stolen from and glued to chairs. He's met some bad eggs, and eaten even worse ones.
Sunday 14th July | 7:30pm
Tickets £6/8
Bristol Comedy Room ft. Eddy Hare & Katie Green
The Bristol Comedy Room is a weekly event featuring the best comedic talent across the whole UK Comedy Circuit. Featuring an Edinburgh Previews from Eddy Hare & Katie Green.
Wednesday 17th July | 7:30pm @ BASEMENT 45
Tickets £6/9
Adam Flood: Back of the Spoon (WIP)
The wonky and worried award-winning comedy of the Stoke-on-Trent urchin brings a new show to Bristol after last year’s successful debut. 
Saturday 20th July | 6pm
Tickets £6/8
Netflix and Chilton
“Netflix and Chilton” is Comedian Luke Chilton’s debut comedy show!
Sunday 21st July | 7:30pm
Tickets £5
Mel Owen: Chunky Monkey
Grew up on a farm in Mid Wales not realising you were brown until embarrassingly late? Been replaced as your parents’ favourite child by a black Labrador? Stole a croissant from Hugh Jackman on a 5am Eurostar whilst looking him dead in the crotch? No? Just me? OK cool…
Tuesday 23rd July | 7:30pm
Tickets £6/8
Ania Magliano: Work in Progress
Ania is a comedian based in London. She’s a triple threat (bisexual, Gen Z, bad at cooking). Her sharp, wry writing combined with her warm conversational performance style make her a 'glittering new talent'(the i Paper) of the UK comedy scene.
Tuesday 23rd July | 8pm @ BASEMENT 45
Tickets £6/8
Bristol Comedy Room ft. Ignacio Lopez
The Bristol Comedy Room is a weekly event featuring the best comedic talent across the whole UK Comedy Circuit. Featuring a preview from Ignacio Lopez
Wednesday 24th July | 7:30pm @ BASEMENT 45
Tickets £6/9
Comedy Double Bill: Horatio Gould & Mike Rice
A back to back Edinburgh preview with Horatio Gould and Mike Rie
Thursday 25th July | 7:30pm @ BASEMENT 45
Tickets £9
It's sure to remind you of fonder times such as getting mugged, awkward break-ups and car crashes.
Friday 26th July | 6pm
Tickets £6/8
Ali Woods: At The Moment (WIP)
Ali's in love for the first time and he hates it. Join this viral comedy sensation for a hilarious stand-up hour about trying to be yourself. As seen on Comedy Central Live, ITV2's Stand Up Sketch Show and heard on BBC Radio 4
Saturday 27th July | 6pm
Tickets £6/8
Reuben Solo - Please Clap
The big tour. Got a lot riding on this. Make or break. Don't want to put too much pressure on you but if it goes poorly I'm going to retire and take up archery.
Sunday 4th August | 7:30pm @ The Bristol Folk House
Tickets £19
Nick White – Teenage Dream
Creative expression is something Nick White has always yearned for, even if it wasn’t always easy. Join Nick as he looks back on the things that have shaped him from his youth to now; the good, the bad and the seriously random
Friday 13th September | Doors 5:30pm, Show Starts 6pm @ BASEMENT 45
Tickets £15
Michael Akadiri: Trust Me, I’m a Daddy
Following his Biggest Award in Comedy nominated debut and subsequent hit tour, multi-award-winning comedian and junior doctor Michael Akadiri arrives in Bristol with his sophomore show, Trust Me I’m a Daddy.
Sunday 6th October | 7:30pm @ The Bristol Folk House
Tickets £12.50 / £14
Burt Williamson: Riding Bareback Through Your Mind
Filmed comedy special from Bristol favourite Burt Williamson
11th & 12th October | 7:30pm @ Basement45
Tickets £12
Freddy Quinne: In Sickness
Comedic powerhouse Freddy Quinne is set to embark on his debut nationwide tour! Well…that’s if he doesn’t end up in intensive care again.
Sunday 20th October | 7:30pm @ Basement 45
Tickets £12
Rogier Bak: Made in USA
From Amsterdam to America and back again, Rogier Bak is a Dutch comedian who feels like a foreigner in his home country
Thursday 24th October | 7:30pm
Tickets £10//12
Milo Edwards: Sentimental
Fresh from a sell-out 5 star run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, racking up the NextUp nomination for Best Show, Milo is now bringing Sentimental to Bristol
Saturday 16th November | 6pm
Tickets £15
A new hour of stand-up by the wee guy with the glasses from Glasgow. As seen on Frankie Boyle’s New World Order, Comedy Central Live and BBC New 
Thursday 28th November | 7:30pm @ Basement 45
Tickets £12
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