Eva Bindeman: It's Going Whaley Well

5 years ago Eva decided to become an entertainer. But with no singing or dancing ability the only path left was to join a whale pod in Scotland. 
“It’s Going Whaley Well” is the hilarious true tale of beachings, teachings and swimming away from the crowd. 

Eva Bindeman is a Bristol based, North East Comic bringing a warm, conversational sense of humour with a twist of the unexpected. Recently seen on BBC 1 and Iplayer for the BBC New Comedy Awards 2021, Eva is a performer to look out for this year and beyond. 

SYTYF 2019 semi finalist. Funny Women 2019 Semi Finalist, Stand up for Cider 2021 finalist. 

“Superb…f**king funny” Russell Howard 

“Bindeman very much knows what she is doing…great stories and killer gags.” **** Bath Echo
Fella: Give Me Some Credit
Fella, who Chortle dubbed 'gleefully ridiculous', was snubbed by the proper army, but that didn't stop her from getting behind enemy lines.  On the dole and ready to mole, she turned to the only place that'd hire her: the government.

Her mission? Destroy the system from within and earn enough money for new knockers.

Was it a success? Well, Fella ate a lot of crumble and every surgeon refused to touch her back. At least her show's a good laugh, 'cas as Chortle said 'she's living proof of the power of energy, enthusiasm and charisma in comedy.'


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