Welcome to The Room Above Theatre

The Room Above Theatre is one of Bristol's best hidden gems! The space is dedicated to bringing affordable live comedy into Bristol's City Centre by; showcasing the best comedy talent the UK as to offer, seeing the most anticipated touring shows take to it's stage and hosting the renewed White Bear Comedy Club - be sure to check out all we have coming up! 'Definitely a venue to put at the top of your list' - Bristol 365

White Bear Comedy Club: Pay What You Want
The White Bear Comedy Club runs a pay what you want show, hosted by Harry Allmark and Alex Stevens that will be running every Monday night at The Room Above Theatre.
Every Monday Night 8pm
Free tickets - donations welcome
White Bear Comedy Club | Lee Hudson
"Put at the top of your to do list" - Bristol 365
Saturday 27th May | 8pm
Tickets £8/£10
Amy Matthews: I Feel Like I’m Made of Spiders
A work in progress of Amy’s brand new stand up hour. Amy spins a sparkling web of comedy magic between the two states she finds herself caught between – stability and restlessness
Tuesday 30th May | 8pm
Tickets £5
Bristol Comedy Room | Mike Cox & Julia Stenton
Top comedy from the hosts of Comedy Den Burt Williams & Greg Winfield
Wednesday 31st May | 8pm
Tickets £5/£7
Adam Flood: Preview
Winner of Bath Festival New Comedian 2022, soon to be seen on ITV's Stand Up Sketch Show and one of Stoke on Trent's premium cultural exports.
June 2nd | 8pm
Tickets £5/7
White Bear Comedy Club | Tom Ward
"Put at the top of your to do list" - Bristol 365
June 3rd | 8pm
Tickets £8/£10
Stephen Carlin: It’s Not Me, It’s You.
Come prove my enemies wrong. Come vanquish me foes. Come turn them to dust.
June 7th | 8pm
Tickets £5/7
Honeypot Comedy
The all female led comedy night held at The Room Above
June 8th | 8pm
Tickets £5/£7
Bella Hull: Babycakes
In 2022, Bella brought her debut hour, Babycakes, to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and subsequently to London’s Soho Theatre to wide acclaim. She regularly plays to sell-out crowds across the UK and her TV appearances include BBC’s Stand Up for Live Comedy, ITV’s The Stand Up Sketch Show and Comedy Central Live.
June 9th | 7pm
Tickets £5/7
White Bear Comedy Club | Alice Fraser
"Put at the top of your to do list" - Bristol 365
June 10th | 8pm
Tickets £8/£10
Alasdair Wallace: (S)he Who Delights
A story about the human, the divine, and the leather dungarees.
June 11th | 5pm
Tickets £5
Daniel Muggleton: White & Wrong (But Mostly White)
Daniel Muggleton is an Australian stand-up comedian wearing a tracksuit. His debut special ‘Let’s Never Hang Out’ aired multiple times on ABC Comedy in Australia, and is now streaming on Prime Video. He brings his new tour to The Room Above, Bristol
Tuesday 13th June | 8pm
Tickets £12/£10
Spencer Jones: Another Work In Progress
The double Edinburgh Comedy Award nominee returns with a brand new show about moving to a new area, people he has met and losing his mind.
June 14th | 8pm
Tickets £5/7
Lee Hudson & Jake Steers: Geezers Need Excitment
Lee and Jake’s lives are never dull, join them for this split hour of comedy as these two hilarious storytellers give you a window into their worlds
June 15th | 8pm
Tickets £7\£5
Mary O’Connell: Preview
Mary O'Connell is conflicted: she hates capitalism but she loves to shop. A hotly anticipated debut show from a blunt and disturbed perspective of observational annoyance and mischief.
June 16th | 8pm
Tickets £5/7
White Bear Comedy Club | Sheraz Yousaf
"Put at the top of your to do list" - Bristol 365
Saturday 17th June | 8pm
Tickets £8/£10
Milo Edwards: Preview
Milo is a 30-year-old orphan but why does that matter? In the bigger picture it’s probably a small matter. Still, he’s sentimental about it, and a few other subjects, despite what you might think.
June 23rd | 8pm
Tickets £5/7
White Bear Comedy Club | Jessie Nixon
"Put at the top of your to do list" - Bristol 365
Saturday 24th June | 8pm
Tickets £8/£10
Real Positive Poles Present: The Y Files
Join two FBI agents and award winning improv troupe Real Positive Poles on a totally unscripted and unexplainable parody that will ask you the question: Do you want to believe? Suitable for all levels of nerdiness & X Files knowledge, including none!
Friday 30th June | 8pm
Tickets £8
White Bear Comedy Club | Robin Morgan
"Put at the top of your to do list" - Bristol 365
Saturday 1st July | 8pm
Tickets £8/£10
Ted Hill: Preview
Multimedia comedian Ted Hill unsuccessfully tries in several silly ways to fix humanity's greatest problem: climate change. It was a tough ask, and he's failed at it. In fact he doesn't even get close.
July 4th | 8pm
Tickets £5/7
Si Deaves: Si-clops
‘Si-Clops’ is the show where comedian Si Deaves talks about briefly losing vision in one eye as the result of a surgery to “fix something simple”
July 5th | 8pm
Tickets £5/7
Ashley Blaker: Preview
A new stand-up show about the joys of raising children with special needs. Ashley Blaker has six kids, three of whom have an SEN diagnosis.
July 6th | 8pm
Tickets £5/7
Joseph Parsons: Rebirth
Following his sell out debut, BBC Newcomer Award nominated Joseph Parsons begins work on his second hour of stand up.
July 7th | 7pm
Tickets £5/7
Kate-Lois Elliott: Gentrif*cked
Gentrif*cked - a work in progress - is a debut show about finding your purpose. Join Kate on a journey through village life, thirty-something existential crises and finding belonging without joining a cult... (specifically not like her grandma did).
July 7th | 9pm
Tickets £5/£7
White Bear Comedy Club | Fiona Allen
"Put at the top of your to do list" - Bristol 365
Saturday 8th July | 8pm
Tickets £8/£10
Matt Hobs: Moontalker
Much loved Bristolian comedian Matt Hobs is bringing his new stand-up comedy show, Matt Hobs: Moontalker, to The Room Above for one night only at 7pm on Sunday 9th July.
July 9th | 7pm
Tickets £5/7
Lulu Popplewell: Preview
In her debut solo show, failed child actor and now successful comedian Lulu Popplewell explores the links between Love Actually, smoking crack, the Daily Mail and sunburn.
July 11th | 8pm
Tickets £5/7
Reuben Solo: Palindrome
Winner Adelaide Fringe 2023 Weekly Award - Best Comedy
14th & 18th July | 7pm
Tickets £15
Cambridge Footlights International Tour Show
The Cambridge Footlights International Tour Show is one of the Footlights' flagship sketch shows, featuring some of Cambridge's best sketch comics in a new hourlong production.
July 19th | 8pm
Tickets £5/7
White Bear Comedy Club | Elliot Steel
"Put at the top of your to do list" - Bristol 365
Saturday 15th July | 8pm
Tickets £8/£10
White Bear Comedy Club | Ollie Horn
"Put at the top of your to do list" - Bristol 365
Saturday 22nd July | 8pm
Tickets £8/£10
Jamie Hutchinson: Waterslide
Podcast hero Jamie Hutchinson is one of the brightest sparks on the UK circuit. But from the outside looking in, some would say his life is pathetic.  But is it? Is it? 
5th & 6th October | 8pm
Tickets £12.50
Eleanor Conway: Talk Dirty To Me
A childfree badass on the search for orgasm equality... With over 100 million views online this award-winning stand-up is back with an award nominated sex positive, high energy banger. 
November 3rd | 7pm
Tickets £12.50/£10
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