Joseph Parsons
A work in progress hour of stand up from up and coming star Joseph Parsons. The show promises “Very high energy, well-written material" (The Stand), with his brilliantly funny and poignant debut show "Equaliser". 

In this work in progress hour of stand up, Joseph Parsons tells the tale of being a closeted gay sports fanatic in the West Country. He had ambitions of being a sportsman but with body confidence issues and a whole heap of other fun anxieties, ironically there were no shortage of hurdles.

As heard recently on the BBC's "LGBT Sports Podcast", Parsons questions why are there so few publicly out LGBTQ sports stars? With UEFA banning the illumination of the rainbow flag on a German stadium, whilst simultaneously championing equality in Wembley; how are sports biggest organisations scoring so many own goals?

Featured as one of the "Top 10 LGBTQ+ acts of the Edinburgh Fringe" in 2019 (The EFC), This exciting debut is a must see. 

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