Matt Hobs: Moontalker
This is one small set for Matt, one giant leap for Matt’s kind (i.e. science geeks). With humanity planning to return to the moon in 2025, this comedy show is about the Apollo missions, the last time man stepped foot on the moon (yes, it did happen!).  This show is more about the journey than the destination. Telling the stories about the men who walked on the moon and how they did it. How did they get there? How did it make them feel? And how it is all really about Phil Collins? All the key questions will be addressed.

Matt Hobs has been performing on the comedy circuit since 2012. As a proud Bristolian, scientist, and silly sausage, Matt is bringing his third hour show back home to Bristol, following on from 2019’s ‘BSc (Bristolian of Science)’ and 2022’s ‘Follow the Science’. Matt is also the host of Stand-Up Science, a science-themed stand-up comedy show from the 2022 Edinburgh Fringe, returning in 2023. 

“Hobs' explanations are equal to that of the best lecturers, and undoubtedly funnier... a very likable leading comic with a talent for multimedia comedy” THE WEE REVIEW
“Simply spectacular … for me he was the star of the show." DAILY INFO, OXFORD

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