Carr Crash is one part Leslie Carr (Boomer Professor) to one part Ruby Carr (Gen-Z Instaqueen) exploring the human side of Artificial Intelligence.
Leslie Carr is a Professor of Web Science and confessional storytelling comedian with a warm and engaging stage presence. 
Ruby Carr is an insufferably delightful award-winning comedian.Winner of the Funny Women Comedy Writing Award 2022, Funny Women One to Watch 2021 and Finalist for Amused Moose New Act of the Year 2019.
“Leslie delivered a series of humour-infused mini-lectures on the rising uses of artificial intelligence… as fascinating and factual as it was funny”
“Ruby brings an infectious energy and steady stream of animated stories... injected with a deluge of sharp-witted reflections”
“…proved that observational comedy thrives when focused on an incredibly nuanced topic brought to life with an energetic and endearing nerdiness”
“infectious energy which cleverly blends the theoretical and inane with a hearty wit”

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