Chelsea Brikby: No More Mr Nice Chelsea
The debut stand-up hour from "rising star" (Ox in a Box), "one to watch" (Funny Women) and multi-competition finalist: No More Mr Nice Chelsea Exploring what it is to be ‘nice’ and when it’s time to stop, where being lovely comes from and the things ‘nice’ people don’t talk about like sex, drugs and rock n roll (well, Nickelback). It’s a show for anyone who’s ever been afraid of their wild side and what happens when we hold it in…and let it out. Come if you say sorry too much, love philosophy and/or pop culture, and like your comedy playful and thoughtful. Also Chelsea is openly hostile. (As heard on BBC Radio 4 Extra, writer for Mock the Week).
“Chelsea’s show crackled with energy and ambition…what was most admirable was the performer’s willingness to skirt easy laughs and handle more challenging subjects. It may just be April but it felt like we witnessed a potentially big hit when this show reaches its final destination.” DailyInfo

Double Bill discount tickets are available for the 9pm show 'The Lanessa Long Show'

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