Darkest Thoughts with Ori Halevy
A comedy show where one of the top improvisational stand up comedians in Europe takes your suggestions and generates hilarious jokes on the spot along with tried and tested material!

Finally, something Netflix can't match! Darkest Thoughts offers you the audience a chance to get immediate comedy based on any topic you can think of. This interactive show opens with a short and funny conversation with the host about what themes interest you today. Then there is a short break where you get to write down whatever you want the headliner to improvise about in the second part related to the themes discussed along with some tried and tested material! It's gonna be funny, interesting and straight from your thoughts!

Cast -

Ori Halevy:

Ori Halevy is a well known Israeli and international TV and Cinema writer and standup comedian. His funny  “go for broke” improvisational style has him performing every night in different venues in Berlin and throughout Europe and Asia. No two shows of his are the same! He also runs the successful Epic comedy Berlin, a comedy Brand dedicated to the highest quality of comedy. Catch him for cheap now before he becomes famous or dies!


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