Baddest. Cowboy. Texas. These are just a few words to describe the Baddest Cowboy in Texas. Join Bangtail as he roots ‘n toots from the mightiest mountains to the sauciest saloons. But what happens when a Badder Cowboy-er Texas-er (AKA his nemesis) rides into town and steals his title?

BANGTAIL is an epic tale of a man in search of his manhood. So saddle up for an hour of unbridled cowboy clown chaos as our hero journeys from the Wild West to the American office.

BANGTAIL marks the first collaboration between award-nominated clown Lil Wenker and award-winning director Cecily Nash to create the perfectly stupid marriage of American and British clowning. The show racked up two award nominations at the Leicester Comedy Festival and sold-out at Pinch of Vaults. Most recently, it has come off a sold-out US tour with stops in New York City, Minneapolis, and Chicago. BANGTAIL will go on to play at Peckham and Brighton Fringe Festivals and the Museum of Comedy before heading to the Pleasance for Ed Fringe. 

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