Amy spins a sparkling web of comedy magic between the two states she finds herself caught between – stability and restlessness. She swings between the unbridled joy in the freedom that everything can change and the crawling anxiety that nothing is certain. This is a show about the thrill of falling and the thud of landing. And after a thud comes a laugh

Praise for "I Feel Like I'm Made of Spiders":

★★★★★ Broadway Baby
★★★★★ One4Review
★★★★ The List
★★★★ The Skinny
★★★★ Broadway World
★★★★ Little Lark of London

'Erudite wordplay and gritty accounts make for a show that manages to be both nonchalant and warm, slick without lacking spontaneity, intelligent while appealing to a broad audience, likeable while maintaining a sense of grit, serious in tone without skimping on jokes' (The List)
'Reminiscent of John Mulaney's Baby J' (Broadway World)

Praise for Amy Matthews:
'Combining a relaxed charm with a searing wit, she makes the deeply personal feel like a universal truth' (Rolling Stone)
'Insanely original' (Broadway Baby)
'Drily funny and giddily quirky' (Scotsman). 

Tour support for Suzi Ruffell, Tom Davis, Jess Fostekew and Rachel Fairburn.

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