This Is NOT Your Life: The Improvised Late Night Chat Show 
Come watch as the host of the UK's biggest chat show, Graham Horton Hears-A-Who, interviews your favourite celebrity you've never heard of about their true life story of how the conquered their industry! Which industry is that you wonder? You Decide! 

This Saturday Graham Horton interviews the most famous ACTOR / SINGER / FISHERMAN / TRAFFIC WARDEN / ANYTHING 

The highly acclaimed improv show from comedians and double act Harry Allmark and Ted Milligan.

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Bristol Revunions Present: Snow Joke
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Friday 1st December | 9pm
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Chelsea Birkby: No More Mr Nice Chelsea
The debut stand-up hour from "rising star" (Ox in a Box), "one to watch" (Funny Women) and multi-competition finalist: No More Mr Nice Chelsea Exploring what it is to be ‘nice’ and when it’s time to stop
7.30pm | 9th July 2022
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White Bear Comedy Club: Shelter Fundraiser
White Bear Comedy Club is running a charity Christmas event in partnership with Shelter, rising money for the homeless in Bristol.
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Saturday 23rd March | 6pm
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Darkest Thoughts with Ori Halevy
A comedy show where one of the top improvisational stand up comedians in Europe takes your suggestions and generates hilarious jokes on the spot along with tried and tested material!
9th June 2022, 8pm
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Louise Leigh Amused
So excited to be FINALLY bringing the show I took to Edinburgh Fringe to my home town of Bristol. Please come along! 
Thursday 17th & Friday 18th November 2022
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Liam Pickford: Skrike
Skrike is a Northern word and Pickford is a Northern man. He will be a northern man for 50ish minutes. If cerebral wallowings and jokes that cause the author visible shame are you bag, then this is the show for you.
Friday 22nd October 2021, 8pm
The Chris Arnold Experience
How many sets of panpipes should one man own? What's the best song request a DJ can get? How can the Daily Mail help you find out if your partner is cheating on you? All these questions (and more) shall be answered throughout the course of The Chris Arnold Experience!
Friday 15th April, 7:30pm
Stranger Films
Alasdair Beckett-King presents Stranger Films, a film night featuring the very best weird and unusual early cinema.
Saturday 12th November | 7pm & 9pm
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