This Is NOT Your Life: The Improvised Late Night Chat Show 
Come watch as the host of the UK's biggest chat show, Graham Horton Hears-A-Who, interviews your favourite celebrity you've never heard of about their true life story of how the conquered their industry! Which industry is that you wonder? You Decide! 

This Saturday Graham Horton interviews the most famous ACTOR / SINGER / FISHERMAN / TRAFFIC WARDEN / ANYTHING 

The highly acclaimed improv show from comedians and double act Harry Allmark and Ted Milligan.

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MTB Presents: The Cabaret of Love
Valentine's Day has come late for Music Theatre Bristolas they hold their heart-warming Cabaret of Love this March! Join us for a range of show tunes of romance, love and lust as they sing their hearts out! 
9th & 10th March, 2022, 8pm
£5 Tickets
Chuck Salmon: Pool Noodles
Dive funny-bone-first into a slip&slide sketch adventure in the world’s biggest leisure centre, with hilarious lifeguards and heroic comedians Chuck Salmon: the funniest whistleblowers since Edward Snowden.
Friday 6th May, 9pm
£7.50 General Admission, £5 Concession
Maus Haus: The Satire Show
Join us at The Room Above for our brand new topical, quiz, lampoon, satire, political, news-based… Scratch that: It’s MausHaus.
8.30pm, Saturday 26th March 2022
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Bristol Improv Presents: Dynamite!
Dynamite is back!  This long time traditional show featuring the very best of University of Bristol's comedic talent!
8pm, Tuesday 28th June 2022
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Darkest Thoughts with Ori Halevy
A comedy show where one of the top improvisational stand up comedians in Europe takes your suggestions and generates hilarious jokes on the spot along with tried and tested material!
9th June 2022, 8pm
Tickets £5-£7
The Room Above of Love
It's Valentines, and what better way to show your romantic side than through sketch comedy. The Room Above is back with a brand new show and looking for love.
Friday 18th February 2022
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Ben Macpherson
Bonfire Man, an on-stage documentary that takes you to the blistering heat of the Nevada desert and the impossible city that rises from the dust every year. In this carousel of bizarre character comedy you’ll get to the heart of the infamous (and entirely fictional) Bonfire Man festival where you are free to express yourself for the right price. Ben Macpherson: Bonfire Man is the perfect blend of character, sketch and improv comedy that explores community and belonging.
Friday 4th March, 7:30pm
Stu and Burt
Stuart Goldsmith is an internationally award-winning comedian, writer, podcaster and host. Burt Williamson presents an hour-in-progress stand-up show fresh off a critically acclaimed run at the Edinburgh Fringe
Saturday 16th October 2021
White Bear Comedy Club: Shelter Fundraiser
White Bear Comedy Club is running a charity Christmas event in partnership with Shelter, rising money for the homeless in Bristol.
Saturday 17th December, 8pm
Tickets £8
Premiere: Bear Hunt (2022)
Presenter and comic Jacob Burley hosts Bear Hunt; a stand-up show in which he explores the existence and extinction of the brown bear in the British Isles.​​​​​​​
Saturday 3rd December
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