Two plonkers, one trial. Who’s gonna come out on top? You decide.

In one corner, we have Fella (Big Ride to Edinburgh, Fellanies, Bada Bing! Let’s Go & who critics have called ‘gleefully ridiculous’ and ‘living proof of the power of energy, enthusiasm and charisma in comedy’). 

In the other, we have the house of Mr. Blobby (Noel’s House Party, Harry Hill’s TV Burp, Peter Kay's 2005 charity single 'Is This the Way to Amarillo' & who critics have called ‘iconic’, ‘weird’ and ‘chaotic’).

As shakedowns go, it don’t get more serious than this. (That’s why Fella’s doing this dummy run - so she can get her case right on the night.)

So come for the context, stay for the verdict. 

Be a part of history. Get your ticket today.

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