An hour of stories with Carly Ann Filbin.
Join New York’s only blonde comedian as she spills secrets and shares stories of heartbreak, heartburn and that one weird thing she did on a rollercoaster. You’ll laugh, she’ll cry, and we’ll all get drunk and kiss. Wait, what?

Carly Ann Filbin is a comedian/writer/actor living in Brooklyn. She spends most of her time at the Upright Citizens Brigade, where she performs Let Me Break You Up: An Anti-Dating Game Show and This Doesn’t Mean I’m Your Boyfriend. Previous shows she’s written/starred in include Validate Me, Murder By Spirit Stick, and Young, Hot, Sluts. Binge watch her critically acclaimed web series, Single Blonde Failure, and her series, Saved, on CNBC immediately after you read this.
Price - £9
Carly is also teaching a Storytelling Bootcamp workshop the following day at the Room Above!
If you want to try your hand at creating stories and generating ideas from your own experience, join the class!
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