The Y Files

Tucked away in the bowels of the FBI Headquarters in Washington DC a cramped office contains its most mysterious and famous archive: The X Files. However two floors below in an even more cramped office lies an equally mysterious but significantly less famous set of accounts: The Y Files. Inside this battered filing cabinet lies records of the peculiar, the unexplained and the downright paranormal. In fact the only thing you can be sure you won't find inside these innocuous manilla folders is a script.
Join two FBI agents and award winning improv troupe Real Positive Poles on a totally unscripted and unexplainable parody that will ask you the question: Do you want to believe?
Suitable for all levels of nerdiness & X Files knowledge, including none!
Real Positive Poles are a Bristol based sci-fi improv troupe. Their previous shows have included SponTrek: The Next Improvisation and After Dusk: An Improvised Twilight Zone which won best improv show at the Brighton Fringe 2022 and was top 3 shortlisted for best show in all categories.
"A beautiful demonstration of everything that improvised performance can be" ★★★★★ – The Reviews Hub
"Quirky, offbeat and hilarious" – Swindon Fringe Review
"Absolutely perfect improv" – Starburst Magazine

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An improvised post-apocalyptic adventure. If the world was ending, what would be the one thing you’d want to survive? Based on your suggestions, our team of dystopian adventurers will explore a new world of endless possibilities… well, depending on what’s left over from earth’s devastation.

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