Adam Flood: Remoulded 

The Times - Top 3 Rising Stars of the Fringe
British Comedy Guide Top Picks of The Fringe
★★★★ - Pick of the Fringe 

‘Ay up ducks, it’s me (fella doing the show). It’s a stand-up odyssey about reinvention with a few tricks up its sleeve*, so get on Stoke-on-Trent’s premium cultural export. Critics are already calling the show 'please stop emailing' and 'unsubscribe'...well they were until they started saying some nice things about me, so that joke doesn’t work as well now – a crown of thorns. See ya there for a big comedy blow out.’

*spent whole budget on an autotune pedal.

As Seen on ITV2’s The Stand Up Sketch Show. 
Winner of Bath Festival New Comedian, 2022. 
BBC New Comedy Award nominee, 2019. 

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