Experience a stretchy, candlelit Yin yoga class followed by a cosy catch up over a drink at a nearby pub or bar.
Yin is a lovely slow-paced style of yoga where poses are held for longer periods of time. Holding these poses for longer can feel sensational and works absolute wonders for opening up your limbs - your body will feel as good as new!
Benefits of yin yoga include:
Increasing flexibility
Lowering stress levels
Boosting circulation
Lengthening connective tissues
Calming and balancing the body and mind
Topped off with a refreshing G&T? Don't mind if we do!
Upcoming locations Thursday 27th July - The Room Above
Please note... Movement at this event is yoga inspired but does not claim to be yoga in its truest form. I hope to introduce yoga to as many people as possible in a relaxed setting and subsequently invite them to develop their own practice. These events also provide opportunity to meet and connect with people in Bristol who may also be looking to embark on their own yoga journey.
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