The Lovely Boys/ Hot Boys Bath House Edinburgh Fringe Previews
Hey there Bristol!! Do you like boys?? Even just a little bit?? Well worry, not as we present to you the absolute pinnacle of “Boy Fever”
Two bashing great Edinburgh Previews coming to The White Bear this July. Guaranteed to cumulatively feature more boys than you could hope to shake a skateboard at.
Hot/ Lovely Boys Summer?? We’ll let you be the judge of that!

The Lovely Boys
Joe and Mikey are Lovely Boys. They want to show off their jumpers, and play with their toys. Expect chaotic fun and games in this absurd clown bonanza. 
The Lovely Boys are northern comedians and best friends Joe Kent-Walters (‘The star of the show, hitting every beat and owning the stage every second he’s on it’ ( and Mikey Bligh-Smith (No pull quote found).

Winner Chortle Student Comedy Award 2021
Finalists Leicester Square Theatre Sketch Off 2022
“Cracking physical comedy” (Chortle)

Hot Boys Bathhouse
When at last you reach the bottom of the long elevator ride into the steamy abyss beneath New York City, you are greeted by a smiling demonic host. Hot Boys Bathhouse welcomes you to an hour of rest and relaxation in the boiling waters of the River Styx, heated by the grand infernos of Hell. Come on in, the water’s fine…

Written and performed by Ozzy Algar (UK), Jake Gibson (USA) and Peter Mathewson (Canada).

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