Designed for stand-up comedians who have been gigging regularly for at least a year, this is an intensive three-hour workshop that will equip you with a full toolkit for MCing stand-up comedy gigs, looking specifically at how being a great MC can often differ from being a great act.

About the workshop
The first two hours of the workshop will be be going through what a successful gig looks like from start to finish, looking at all of the elements that can make a great gig, from practical production elements, to engaging successful with the crowd, to what to do if a problem arrises on the night.
The final part of the workshop will be split into a short delve into what makes good crowd work, followed by a Q&A.
The workshop will cover:
🎤 The role of an MC
What an MC in a comedy club actually does, and how professional MCs adapt their approach depending on the club they're playing
🔊 Technical and production hacks
Your job is easier if the room is set up for success. We'll look at how staging, lighting, sound and seating all play a role in the success of your performance.
⏰ The tricky first 30 seconds
How to start a night, how to introduce yourself, and how to get the room to trust you as soon as you walk on stage
✍️ Using your material
The hallmark of a hopeless MC is somebody who stubbornly runs their material in between acts. But great MCs are able to skilfully use pre-prepared lines and bits to their advantage.
😳 Disaster mitigation
Things go wrong, and we'll look at how you can prepare for this, and what to do when a problem arises.
🙋‍♂️ Hecklers
Hecklers are rare, but they are a part of live comedy. We'll look at the different types of hecklers, and tried and tested approaches to deal with them in a way that actually benefits your act.
🤣 Crowd work
When to launch into the crowd, and how to treat your interaction with the audience as an end in itself rather than a means to an end.

Feedback from participants
I've done this workshop dozens of times around the world, to participants who had never MCd before all the way to resident MCs looking to take their skills to the next level. Many of the participants went on to their first paid MC gig within weeks of completing the workshop.
“Amazing experience. Ollie's workshop was really interesting and useful in building my confidence on stage as a presenter. Fun and clear, dynamic and with practical examples. Highly recommended!" — Wendy
“I've been to a few different workshops for MC's and definitely feel that Ollie's was the best. I love the relaxed presentation style and most importantly the highly actionable information that he gives. His thoughts on crowd work and triangulating are worth the price of admission on their own. Whether you've been hosting events for a couple years or just thinking about doing it in the near future, you'd be a fucking moron to miss this class.” — Harris
"Ollie’s advice about bucket speeches for free shows was a game changer. Our local shows doubled the amount we were making by following his tips. You'll make your money back taking this workshop from this advice alone" — Anna
"I left the workshop feeling funnier and more confident. I've seen Ollie MC before, and it's obvious that he's the real deal. He's sharp, present, and really quick on his feet. He explains the techniques he uses to keep control of a crowd, and put them at ease, and shared some common pitfalls that we might make." — Michelle
"I can highly recommend Ollie’s workshop! Mad Cow Comedy arranged a workshop in the Netherlands with Ollie last year and it was so valuable! The participants learned so much and the reactions were so positive. Ollie draws on his own experiences to provide very useful advice and gives personalised feedback during the practical aspect of the workshop, which is extremely helpful!" — Rachel
“I participated in a workshop on hosting comedy shows with Ollie a couple of years ago. It was very well structured, he shared his own experience and insights, we practiced during the class, he provided personal feedback to everyone and also some support afterwards. Highly recommend it to anyone who has just started or wants to finesse their skills.” — Mila
"I participated in Ollie's workshop last year, and I'm glad I did so. He really changed my perspective and helped me understand the role of the MC and their importance for a good show. Our shows completely transformed thanks to Ollie. I would recommend his workshop to every aspiring MC." — Anna
The most common feedback I've had from former participants is that even experienced comedians take the role of an MC for granted, and the very best comedy club MCs understand that MCing is a very different skillset to doing club stand-up. The workshop will help you to separate your two skillsets, and will give you some practical frameworks to progress into paid MC work.

About me
I've been a stand-up for ten years, and the majority of my circuit work is as an MC, for clubs like Top Secret Comedy Club, Komedia, Just The Tonic, Laughing Horse Pick Of the Fringe. I also work as a corporate MC and event host, working for brands like Snapchat, National Geographic, and Techstars. 

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