Harry Allmark and Alex Stevens: Fight Me, James Acaster
Edinburgh Preview
Harry Allmark and Alex Stevens are the two co hosts of White Bear Comedy Club and have been performing comedy together since they moved back to Bristol after the pandemic. This is their first stand up comedy show they're taking to the Edinburgh Fringe.
Harry Allmark
Harry Allmark has been performing and writing comedy for years, yet still somehow hasn't learnt a thing. 
In the past year, Harry left his full time job as a ground worker to open up a comedy club in Bristol. This immediately led to his homelessness for five months. 'Fight Me, James Acaster' is his first stand up show, where he contemplates if he made a mistake or not... I think we both know the answer is yes. Yes, he did. 
So far, his only performance reviews have been the time he worked in tarmac, including; 
"I'm not comfortable leaving a review, just take the money and leave" - Mr. Peters (who didn't remember I was in his Geography class for five years.
"It was 10 degrees outside, so he took his top off, this led to my child being physically sick" - Mrs. Daniels (who was well proper fit)
and who could forget. "Get off my property or I'll call the police" - My cousin Dean.
Harry would love for you to come and see his stand up show, or failing that is more than happy to do any odd jobs you need doing around the house for minimum wage.

Alex Stevens
Alex is a burgeoning comedic talent, fresh onto the scene and with absolutely no right to be bringing a show to the Fringe.
Alex would like to stress that a recent critic who described his act as ‘the death knell of live comedy’ caught him on a bad day, and would like to redirect your attention to a recent review that affirmed: ‘He gave it a bloody good go!’
‘Fight Me, James Acaster’ represents Alex’s first foray into performing at the Edinburgh Fringe, a feat only achieved through the timely passing of his Nan and the subsequent cashing in of the inheritance, a decision critics have a described as… ‘insane, a huge waste of money…. You’ve been doing it six months… Fine, seven, who cares?… sometimes I really wonder if you’re my son… you cretin, blowing all that money on a show no one’s gunna see’. Alex would really really like to prove those critics wrong
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