Improv Drops -Ins
Sunday Nights from 7pm, next class Sunday 13th
Always making jokes with friends? Wanted to get starting in a career in comedy? Then, come on down to The Room Above Theatre to learn how to perform hilarious Improv from Bristol Longform Comedy.
Each Session costs £10 to attend.
For more information about Bristol Longform Comedy you can check out their website.
American-Style Longform
American style improv has always been difficult to grasp here in the UK. It is loud, fast, and like most Americans, it’s blunt! In recent years the UK has opened its doors to this approach of improv, which focuses more on comedy than it does on storytelling. Where a lot of British improv revolves around creating an improv show that resembles a written play, American style improv creates an improv show that resembles a written comedy sketch. After all, the success of Longform improv in the United States has been overwhelming!

Every comedian, every sketch writer, every comedy actor on television and film has taken an improv class sometime in their life, and they have used these skills to develop their writing, their acting, directing, and their careers. Without the teachings of longform improv we wouldn’t have Saturday Night Live, we wouldn’t have Key and Peele, we wouldn’t have Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Will Ferrell, Mike Myers, Bill Murray, the list goes on.

Since the 1980’s, this new and exciting style of improv was exploding in every comedy club, and every talent agency in the US. Every improv theatre was a goldmine of up and coming comedy actors who could not only act funny, but be quick enough and smart enough to write a completely improvised sketch on the spot, which makes sense, creates connections, and most importantly, entertains audiences.
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